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The major principles of my spiritual philosophy are:

1)    Beyond our bodies, emotions, minds and personalities, there is a deeper Flow, God or Tao that we can get in harmony with.

2)    The goal of spiritual life is not mystical oneness with God or satisfying all our wants by using the power of our thoughts.   It is doing the work of God or the Universe in the world.  If we focus our lives on following God or the Universe or the Flow, our lives will have a much deeper energy and purpose to them.  It is like joining God’s team and the Universe’s energy flows through us filling us with its energy as we do its work in the world.  We do not get everything we want when we are on God’s team.  We get what we need.  We will be blessed with many wonderful synchronicities and amazing connections, but we have to clear away the impure personality desires that want inappropriate things.

3)    We follow our spiritual path through two major ways: our spiritual intuition and our connections.

4) Our spiritual intuition is our inner connection to the divine.   We can trust our spiritual intuition to lead us to the right place where things will work out for us on the practical level.   Following your spiritual intuition could be considered a form of active or worldly mysticism.  Active mysticism is a way of being connected to the divine but also being active in the world.   Thus it is different than the better known kind of mysticism which emphasizes experiences of cosmic consciousness or Oneness.  Active mysticism involves people getting beyond the ego to connect with a deeper spiritual reality and then getting divine voices, leadings or intuition to do something in the world. Throughout history some of the best known active mystics have been  Socrates, Moses, Abraham, St. Paul, the Sufi saint Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chisti, St. Joan of Arc, George Fox (the founder of the Quakers),  and Gandhi.  (There is more on active mysticism here.)

5) If you make a mistake in trying to follow your spiritual intuition, and get out of the flow, you can get right back in the flow once you discover the reason why you were unable to follow your messages correctly.  You do not have to suffer for your mistake.

6) Another way of following your spiritual path comes from what I call connections: people, activities, creatures, organizations, and situations that give us the love, money or food we need, introduce us to new things, and take us on to the next stage of our lives.  Oftentimes it is like these people are on our wavelength or they bring out a different side of us than anyone else.  Sometimes they are our parents, siblings, wives, first loves, or mentors, and they are around for significant portions of our lives.  Other times we encounter them for just an hour or for a summer.  With them, life is fun and meaningful and we succeed in that area of our life. These connections are like blessings of the Spirit or appearances of grace helping us along and giving us what we need to stay in the flow.   We have to make these connections and get the things we need from them if we want to keep having a good life. The people who make movies know about connections: the winners make them and get what they need to keep doing well in life.  The losers have some personality problem (usually some kind of self-centeredness or caring too much for things that are not appropriate for them personally) and do not succeed with their connections.

7) If we are trying to follow our spiritual path, but not getting the things we need, it is not because God has abandoned us, but because we are not following our spiritual intuitions or are not making our connections.  If you have personality problems that prevent you from seeing your connections or connecting well with them, your life can be very empty in that one area; for example, you can be miserable, lonely and hungry.  You might be sensitive to the fact you are missing your connection or you might just feel life does not have much to offer.

8)  We don’t create our connections or bring them to ourselves by positive thoughts or visualizations.  Instead a deeper, more subtle energy attracts them to us.  Around everyone’s body there is a subtle energy field.  Most importantly, in every relationship, some subtle energy flows from one person’s energy field into the other person’s energy field.  Without this energy exchange, a relationship cannot occur.  Because all relations are energy exchanges, whatever happens to a person is never inexplicable or purely random.  In order for any interaction or relationship to occur, there has to be an exchange of subtle energy between people’s subtle energy fields.  Thus only if a person had an opening in her subtle energy field to receive the other person’s negative energy could she receive it.  This means that nothing ultimately inexplicable or totally random ever happens in any of our relationships.  Bad things happen to good people because good people have less than pure subtle energy fields.

9) The openings in one’s energy field are not random.  They are a manifestation of her psychological and spiritual awareness.  The openings in a person’s energy field change as the person’s consciousness changed.  Some  New Age groups said that people were responsible for their relationships, but this is an infelicitous choice of words.  The word “responsible” implies one consciously wanted something to happen or was consciously in control of it happening.  The subtle energy view gives a person the ability to respond and deal with the situation by understanding why negative things are happening to her.

10)     The external situation of our bodies, physical environment, and emotional relationships are the best way to understand our inner troubles as our inner problems often manifest metaphorically on the outer level.  Freud thought dreams were the royal road to the unconscious, but reading the external situation is much easier, more accurate, and much less susceptible to misinterpretation.  There are techniques to look at what is happening in your life so that you can understand what troubles pull you out of the flow.

11) There is no state of enlightenment or being a guru in which a person can now stop evolving spiritually.  Everything flows, so a person has to continually put in energy to maintain contact with God, her inner spirit and her connections.  If you don’t keep moving forwards, you lose connection with this higher energy and the flow.  You can then experience quite negative troubles.

12) There is an Evil force that tries to stop us from making our connections.  This force increases our lower desires, and it wants  to pull us out of the flow and make it harder to see what our true connections are.

Much more about these ideas can be found here.  This is an autobiographical account of how these ideas were discovered and how to deal with problems in your normal daily life.

This essay was written by Joseph Waligore. He dedicated his life to following the will of the Universe when he was 20. Seven months later he received a message from his Higher Self or inner connection to the divine to quit Dartmouth College. Through following a deep intuition in a dream and after many synchronistic experiences, he met his soulmate and married her. He and his wife followed their spiritual intuitions in their daily lives, including receiving messages to have children. For twelve years he stayed at home and raised his three children while his wife worked. Then, his wife told him he needed to make some money, so he got a Ph. D. in philosophy from Syracuse University. He currently has a part-time job teaching philosophy and religious studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. More information about him can be found at his MySpace profile. He also has a website with information about his own spiritual journey and his spiritual philosophy.

There is a Facebook group called Flowing.  People interested in meeting other people who are interested in these ideas and/or participating in discussions about these ideas are invited to join the group.

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